Renewing our Energy Supply


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Description automatically generatedWhen we're well on the path of electrifying all of our energy uses, it is time to clean up how we power them. We can harvest Arizona's abundant sunshine, storing some in batteries for evening use. Benefits to on-site solar & storage include outage resilience, avoidance of otherwise needed grid upgrades and financial payback. Utility-scale solar currently produces about the same amount of energy as rooftop systems in Tucson, and local utilities provide ways to reduce our bills while investing in this green infrastructure.

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Go solar by joining Solar United Neighbors' Tucson Solar Co-op (Launches late October 2021).

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Look at Southern Arizona utility options to go solar with your utility plan.


Learn about how Community Choice Energy policies can open a way to faster cleaning and greening of energy supply for Tucson and Arizona.

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Renewing our Energy Supply
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