Electrify Everything, Tucson!


The path to decarbonization means we must electrify nearly everything. Big purchases count the most: electric car, heat pump, solar on your roof.Even as landscapes change before our eyes, a climate of denial hangs on in many guises. We can navigate awareness of our deep, imminent plight by exercising our power to effect change. Electrification involves a million personal and corporate choices. So turn autopilot off and start flying now.


The main areas of electrification common to most of our lives are home, other buildings and transportation. The decisions we make there need forethought now to make us ready to act when the moment arises. Typical scenario: an air conditioner or furnace goes out. Money's tight. We call a company shivering or in a deep sweat and order a replacement. No. Be prepared. Ask for a heat pump to cool and heat electrically and efficiently. Get an EV or an e-bike. From this moment we need to drop carbon and make all major car and appliance purchases electric. The 2030s will be too late.

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