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Power Generation for Generations to come
YES to Solar + Storage

NO to fossil fuels


Tucson Electric Power Company has a plan to install 200 megawatts of gas-fired electrical power generation at its Irvington Generating Station in Tucson. Renewable energy, supplemented by energy storage systems, is a better option for many reasons.The Arizona Corporation Commission has strongly urged TEP to turn in this direction.


A SIGN-ON LETTER addressed to TEP and government bodies, urges a collaborative effort to install renewable energy and battery storage, NOT more fossil fuel power generation. Please include your affiliation (organization, company or group you represent) or neighborhood.The letter will be delivered in late May.



Read about the Arizona Corporation Commissionís guidance:

Arizona utility regulatorsí decision promotes solar + storage, but does not halt TEP gas plant

Arizona regulators move to place gas plant moratorium on utilities


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