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Sample text to Arizona Corporation Commission

Click here to submit a public comment to the Arizona Corporation Commission.  Under “Company Name,” enter Tucson Electric Power Company; Under “Docket Number,” enter L-00000C-17-0365-00177

NOTE 1: Thank you to those who submitted comments before the March 13 hearing.  The case remains open, so additional comments are still being received.

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Note 3: There have been some issues with the Corporation Commission submission system.  If you submitted a comment but did not receive an emailed acknowledgment, please email your comment with all of the information on the web form to jgomez@azcc.gov and ask Jenny to docket it.




Dear Corporation Commissioners,

As a Tucson Electric Power customer, I urge you to delay your ruling on TEP’s application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility, and withhold authorization for the construction of the Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Generation Project and the Irvington 138kV Transmission Line Relocation Project, consisting of 10 modular RICE generators and 2.2 miles of transmission lines, located within TEP’s Irvington campus. 

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TEP has failed to adequately demonstrate that there is no substantially more environmentally responsible and comparably cost- and performance-competitive set of measures than the internal combustion generation they propose.  I and my community believe that currently available solar plus battery storage technology, possibly but not necessarily accompanied by time-of-use rates and other demand response measures, would result in improved service to all TEP customers with better environmental and financial outcomes for the utility and the customer base. 

Battery storage has already resulted in the cancelation of proposed gas peaker plants in California. Regulators there are even requiring utilities to open competitive solicitations for solar + battery storage that are likely to supplant three existing gas peaker plants. I call on you not to allow such a condition to arise in our utility area.  Regulate for the right choice to be made from the start. 

No one is to blame for changing the plan.  Two years ago, RICE made more sense than it does now.  Even if only in the last few months, battery storage has come of age.  Given the urgency of the need to decarbonize our energy production mix, we need to take advantage of the best solutions available now. 

I and my Tucson community demand climate justice and a chance for our state, its regulators and the Investor-Owned Utility that serves as our electrical energy provider to model in-time climate and environmental decisions and action.

Thank you for hearing my views.