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Power Generation for Generations to come
YES to Solar + Storage

NO to fossil fuels



Current Arizona & local policies & actions

Historic ACC decision steers utilities toward clean energy

TEP, APS ordered to cut reliance on gas add renewables in long-term plans

Regulators, Lawmakers Spar Over Arizona Renewable Mandates

Battery storage beating gas for meeting peak power demand

Arizona Is Getting Its First Standalone Battery Peaker

California looks to next steps as utilities near energy storage targets

San Diego utility approved for 5 storage projects totaling 334 MWh

End of the 'gas rush?' Renewables, storage reaching cost parity: report

California muni shelves gas plant to consider renewable options

Utilities take note: Hybrid renewables projects are coming

Itís Big and Long-Lived, and It Wonít Catch Fire: The Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery

Fluence, Battery Makers to Gain as Arizona Considers Storage Goal

The two key questions about going to 100% renewables in Los Angeles

Gas Under Threat? California Regulators Target PG&E Natural Gas Plants With Energy Storage

California ISO mulls double duty for transmission-connected storage assets

Tesla Vies to Build World's Largest Battery Again

Can energy storage replace peakers in NYC?

Sierra Club Comments to Arizona Corporation Commission on TEPís RICE proposal

Have We Reached Peak Peaker? ĎI Canít See Why We Should Build a Gas Peaker After 2025í

Solar and batteries are beautiful.But if you donít think so, donít foist them on marginalized communities

In the California desert, a battery project looms over Native land


Cradle to grave, gas is worse than coal for climate emissions

Venting and leaking of methane from shale gas development: response to Cathles et al.


Battery Financials

Tesla completes its giant Australian Powerpack battery on time

Federal Tax Incentives for Energy Storage

Teslaís massive battery in Australia was paid up to $1000/MWh to charge itself

How much time do we have? (less than one generation)

Carbon Countdown graphic (note: graphic produced April 2016)

At this rate, itís going to take nearly 400 years to transform the energy system

MIT Energy Conference speakers say transformation can happen fast