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Actions to take in March 2018

1.   Contact your Pima County Supervisor.  Ask them to deny TEP’s request for increased air pollution limits for the proposed installation of ten gas-fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) at the Sundt Generating Plant in Tucson. Most County officials claim that the County’s hands are tied, and that the decision is up to the EPA. But the County’s Department of Environmental Quality is holding public hearings, and even added one on March 28.  If they added a hearing, then either they must actually have the ability to decide something, or they were legally required to add it, or they are intentionally drawing Pima County residents’ life energies into a vacuum.  Whatever it is, let’s speak the truth in love (that can include righteous anger) and try to get to the bottom of it.


2.   Write a letter to the editor (brief talking points) (extensive talking points)

3.   Contact your City of Tucson Council member and Mayor Rothschild (see Ward maps) and ask them to deny TEP’s request for a special zoning designation (Planned Area Development – “PAD”) because TEP’s request for rezoning contradicts the Tucson General Plan’s call for:

(a)  Increased renewable energy sources;

(b)  Recruiting, retaining and expanding Tucson’s key economic sectors in renewable energy;

(c)  Increasing or promoting environmentally sensitive industry; and

(d)  “. . .[N]o compromise on principles of equity, fairness, justice, prosperity, livability, and environmental integrity.”

TEP should not be rewarded for having previously failed to comply with development standards.

Additional Resource: Sierra Club talking point for recent City of Tucson zoning hearing


4.   Join Sierra Club and local organizations for a Rally and March on Wednesday, March 28.
4:15 p.m. Rally at TEP headquarters, 88 E Broadway.
March to the Pima County Public Works office, 201 N. Stone Ave, for…


5.   Pima County Department of Environmental Quality community meeting March 28, 2018, 5:30-6:30 p.m., at the Pima County Public Works Building, 201 N Stone basement Conference Room C, on TEP’s permit application. Those unable to attend may submit written comments.